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Pumpkin Punch Chai Breakfast Smoothie

Every fall I start dreaming up new ways of eating pumpkin. It doesn’t seem right to let such an awesome vegan fall staple go to waste. This recipe takes my pumpkin obsession to new heights. Not only can you eat your pumpkin. Oh no, you can also drink it. And it’s fantastic. You must try this pumpkin chai breakfast smoothie.

As you may know, chai is a blend of black tea, herbs and spices, and it originates from India. In fact, the more ardent drinkers of this heavenly concoctions are very specific and picky about how they like theirs prepared. If you aren’t a chai expert you don’t have to worry. You will love this Pumpkin Chia creation just as it is.

Get this unique and delicious recipe on the next page. And don’t blame us if you become slightly addicted! (just kidding)

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