Vegan Product Reviews

QUIZ: Can You Name All 9 Vegan Products? 80% Fail

I eat a lot more whole foods now than I did when I first went vegan. That means more greens and fruits and less vegan meats and cheeses.

But there was a time when I had to eat those things daily! And thank goodness for the many vegan meat and vegan cheese options out there now. There are even amazing vegan ice creams, sour creams and butter products. It’s easier than ever now to make the switch to vegan.

This is a test to see how many of the most popular vegan brands you can recognize by looking at the package. We’ve included vegan meat products, vegan cheeses, vegan ice creams and more. So hit the next button below and see how many of these vegan products you can name! Most people miss at least one of them. If you guess all 9 right you are a vegan food master!

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