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Quorn Meat-Free Beef Steaks Recall!

If you are someone who enjoys the Quorn product line of meatless products you will want to check your inventory for this recall.

Quorn issued a recall for several batches of its meat-free beef steaks. They cited the wrong product being packaged could have serious allergic reaction consequences based of a variety of ingredients that are allergens to a significant portion of the populations.

From the website:

Quorn has recalled two batches of its Chef’s Selection Meat Free Beef Steaks because the wrong product has been packaged. The presence of wheat (gluten), barley (gluten) and milk is therefore not mentioned on the label. This makes the product a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to wheat gluten, barley gluten and milk.

The presence of milk is especially a concern for vegans who may have thought they were purchasing a vegan product because milk is not listed in the ingredients on the package. 

A list of the recalled packages and what to do if you have one is on the next page

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