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Raw Vegan Brownies In 20 Minutes

If you haven’t tried raw vegan brownies yet, you should! They don’t taste like brownies you cook in the oven. And once you taste them you will understand why that’s a good thing! Plus they are much easier to make. And faster too.

About 8 months ago I tried raw vegan brownies for the first time and I was shocked. I like eating raw foods even though I am not a raw food only vegan. But I just never imagined that raw vegan brownies would taste very good. Boy was I ever wrong! A rich nutty dough sweetened by dates and just the right amount of raw chocolate makes these raw brownies divine! My friend Audrey, a chef and nutritionist, convinced me to try them and she gave me her recipe.! I made some earlier today for guest that came over so I decided to put the recipe on the blog! Get this amazing raw vegan brownie recipe by my friend Audrey on the next page.

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