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Raw Vegan Lasagne

I have tried a lot of vegan lasagne recipes since going vegan but this one is the most unique by far. Most clean eating vegans will love it because it is raw and doesn’t use processed vegan cheese products like daiya cheese.

You may also notice there isn’t any tofu. That makes it even harder to imagine the amazing ‘sausage’ aspect of this vegan lasagne which is just phenomenal. You really can eat food that is fresh, full of flavor and healthy for you. This dish is a perfect example.

The secret to this raw vegan lasagne is in the way the sauce is prepared.

You can tell immediately from the bright colors of the ingredients that it will be full of nutrients. And then the secret method of getting the red sauce so thick and creamy is just genius. I have to commend the Bare Root Girl for her ingenuity on that part of the recipe. If you want to try a brand new and exciting recipe then move this one to the top of the list. It’s like nothing I’ve ever tried before! You can get it on the next page below.

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