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Italian Spinach Vegan Soup Recipes

You will fall in love with this Italian Orzo Spinach Vegan Soup Recipes !

In December 2012 I was was shopping for Christmas presents at the Plaza with my sister when I started feeling fatigued. An hour later I was aching all over. I felt worse than I had felt in a really long time and eventually I had to tell my sister I couldn’t shop anymore. I knew two things at that point. I knew that I had been hit with the flu and I knew she would take care of me. My sister has a healthy vegan soup recipe for every situation.

My sister has an easy vegan soup recipe for every occasion. Literally. She makes most of them in a slow cooker. They are so good, sometimes I’m tempted to act sick just so she will make me soup! On this particular day in 2012 she made soup for me like I knew she would. But surprisingly it wasn’t vegetable soup or potato soup like I expected. She made me this amazing Italian Orzo Spinach Vegan Soup Recipe. I had never had it before but I swear it had healing properties. It must have been filled with some kind of healthy magic because I recovered from that round of flu in record time. And I also discovered a  new vegan soup recipe that I have loved ever since.

I’m not sure if it’s the main ingredients like the carrots and celery, or the delicious seasoning with things like thyme, oregano and rosemary; whatever its is, something makes this soup simply amazing. The difficulty level is easy so anyone can make it. You will impress your family and friends if you make them this soup. I promise. Get this recipe on the next page. I’m sure it will become one of your favorites.

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