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Roasted Potatoes Recipes: Corn and Salad

Corn, Salad and Potatoes are the stars in this amazing roasted potatoes recipes.

Any time I hear the word ‘roasted’ in a recipe I automatically assume it will probably be difficult. That’s what originally got me excited about this one. This easy roasted potatoes recipe is actually simple to make and the taste is just perfect. You basically combined three simple ingredients together. But they compliment each other so well that the end result is perfection!

No matter if you prefer roasted red potatoes or roasted baby potatoes you will like this recipe. Bursting with flavors like rosemary, onion, garlic and tomato this dish will light up your taste buds and put a smile on your face! You can even add a dash of Tabasco or hot sauce if you are the adventurous type. But that is completely up to you. You get the hearty and filling potatoes with a nice rich spinach salad with perfectly roasted corn in this dish. It’s a perfect lunch idea.

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