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Roasted Potatoes Recipes: Corn and Salad

Roasted Potatoes Recipes: Corn and Salad

I must tell you that I adapted this recipe from Divine Healthy Food. When I first stumbled on their website and saw this recipe I knew I had to make it. With a little tweaking of my own I made it perfect for me. As with all recipes you could make it exactly as written or put your own personal spin on it for perfection. Let me share some of my personal ideas that I have tried with it.

roasted potato and roasted corn with spinach salad

I  suggest trying different kind of potatoes. The original recipe calls for good old trusted russet potatoes. But I think mixing it up with new potatoes or red potatoes could make it a little more unique and ad some variety. And of course you can personalize the salad part of this recipe to suit your own taste as well. Rather than going for a hot dressing you could also do your own version of tangy or sweet. I found that some of my favorite sweet/tangy vegan dressings went well with this meal as well. I usually prefer that over hot. But that’s just my personal choice.

You can get the original recipe from Divine Healthy Foods Here.




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