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Santa Vegan Pancakes!

Every day I find some new holiday recipe to try. Today it’s Vegan Pancakes dressed up like Santa! I swear if it wasn’t for the exciting food I wouldn’t care much about the Christmas season at all. Today you will learn how to make pancakes from scratch and then dress them up with fruits and toppings to look like Santa.

If you are a bigger fan of french toast then you are out of luck I’m afraid. It’s very hard to make that look like Santa, or anything else I imagine. Who know, if you were creative enough I guess you could!

When it’s time for breakfast on Christmas morning why not kick things up and serve a meal Santa would be proud of. Yummy, delicious vegan pancakes that look just like him. Who knows, he might make a return trip to help you eat them. If that happens, please take pictures so we can post them on our website. In mean time you can get the entire Santa Vegan Pancakes recipe on the next page with complete decoration instructions.

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