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Save 45 Million Turkeys: Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes And Ideas

Thanksgiving puts a lot of pressure on Vegans. If you plan to host your family at your home it can be very stressful. Everyone handles it differently. My sister won’t let anyone bring anything non-vegan to her house. If you must have some animal product then you aren’t welcome. I take a softer approach. Everyone knows I will prepare a Vegan feast. But if they feel the need for some kind of meat they are welcome to bring their own food. Everyone has to do what they feel comfortable with. The real issue is the food. So what about people who just want to buy some faux meat for simplicity. There are some options out there.

For a big Thanksgiving meal I recommend the Field Roast Vegan Grain Meat Celebration Roast, 1 lb.. It is a bit pricey but it takes a ton of work out of Thanksgiving. We bought one on two difference occasions and I was pleased with it. I must give you some tips to make it taste the best is possibly can.

1. Brush it with olive oil
2. Rub seasoning like garlic powder, sage and oregano on it
3. Cook elevated in a pan with water in it. So it’s on an island with water around it. This will keep it moist.
4. If you reheat it later for sandwiches or another meal, sprinkle water on it for moisture

You can get it shipped free if you order it HERE. You should order it in plenty of time to make sure you have it.

And an even simpler and tasty option is the Turkey Cutlets and Gravy by Gardein

Click Here or “Page 3” below for home made options including the ‘meat’ and all the fixings!

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