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Seven Vegan Sources of Iron

Iron deficiencies are common among women because of the monthly menstrual cycles. I have met several women who are anemic and have pale complexions which is, according to them, unflattering.

A very close friend of mine said that the reason she finds her complexion unflattering is because the paleness is not restricted to her skin but also to her lips. Her whitish lips make her feel insecure because she looks unhealthy! To remedy this, she needs to put on some rouge over her lips. As a side note, she does make sure that the product she uses is free from animal-testing and any related procedures.

vegan iron deficency

However, this doesn’t mean that men aren’t susceptible to iron deficiencies. Iron is an important mineral in our body because it is one of the sources of energy and boosts the immune system. The following is a list of vegan sources of iron which are plant-based. Read more on the next page.

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