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Seven Ways Veganism is Saving the Planet

We Vegans may not be declared as national heroes but in our little ways, we are making the planet more sustainable for future generations. One of the greatest things a person can do with their life is live it in such a way to benefit others in addition to pursuing their own aspirations. In the very least we should try to live in a way that does as little hard as possible. This fits perfectly with the vegan philosophy.

As the current inhabitants of our planet, we have the inter-generation responsibility that the future children of this world be able to live without experiencing all our problems right now. It is an ideal that can be achieved and is slowly being achieved.

Vegans really are superheros saving the world.

First of all, vegans eat plant-based food grown organically which means that the plants we eat are grown at its most natural state without the add-ons of mechanized and automatic farming. For instance, I know someone who has her own vegetable garden in a dish pot. She grows the food she eats and she replenishes the dish pot whenever the plants consumed. In a much larger sense this is how sustainable farming works.

carbon footprint Steve Walker

This kind of lifestyle lowers the carbon footprint that is otherwise very prevalent with food being bought and eaten at the supermarket. Talking about carbon footprint will take much of your time but in a nutshell, it is the amount of carbon  needed, which primarily found in fossil fuels, to create a product. The more processing is used, the greater the carbon footprint. That’s not all, there is water footprint (which is the amount of water needed) and there is also human footprint (the effort of humans to produce which is needed).

For an ordinary person, this seems a bit of a stretch and distant but everything in this world is connected. Vegans understand this.

Reason #2 why vegans are saving the plant is on the next page.

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