Shiitake Ramen And Miso Vegetables With Tofu

How do I love noodles? Let me count the ways! This Shiitake Ramen And Miso Vegetables With Tofu is my new favorite vegan soup recipe.

I remember when they shut NYC down in anticipation of a winter blizzard last year and I felt bad for the people living there. Thankfully it wasn’t nearly as bad as they predicted. But with all of the snow on TV and the cold weather where I live (no, we don’t get blizzards here but it’s cold) I was craving a warm satisfying soup.

vegan miso and shiitake soup recipe

Coincidentally it’s the same soup I love to eat in the heat of summer. My sister gave me this recipe for a great vegan miso soup with ramen noodles a few years ago and I just love it. I eat it any time of year.

It’s not very complicated to make and the reward is more than worth the effort. This recipe is a smash hit every time we share it on Facebook too. It may be in our top ten most popular vegan recipes ever. If you want to know why you can get this amazing vegan soup recipe on the next page below.

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