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Shocking Video: Bear Attacks Hunter

I went vegan for health reasons. I did all of the research and it became very clear that a vegan lifestyle is the healthiest lifestyle. But then I started caring about the animals. Funny how that works. When I see how senseless it is to kill an innocent animal for food when there is plenty of food that required no death or torture. This is this case when this bear attacks hunter.

Here is another video of a heartless hunter shooting a wild animal who was minding it’s own business. The bear was just looking for food, walking by the water, harming no one. The these redneck wanna be macho men shoot it with an arrow and the bear does what any loving being who wants to live would do. It tries to defend itself. It tries to live. Just like humans, these animals want to live! And they feel pain, and fear and terror. But the headline is always bear attacks hunter. Not the other way around.

I have to warn you this video is very graphic. You can see these heartless hunters sneak up on the bear, stalk it and then shoot it with an arrow. The bear is stunned and in obvious pain and distress. It walks around a bit trying to get it’s bearings when it sees the hunters and realize they are the threat. They are the ones trying to kill it and take it’s life away. So it does the only thing it knows to do, attack and try to live. Sadly one of the hunters has a rifle and ends the bears attempts to defend itself short. Even though the hunters are clearly the attacker here, the headline is always bear attacks hunter.

How can you watch this video and not feel for this innocent animal? How can you side with the hunters here? Sometimes I don’t understand people.

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  1. they call this outrageous, they say the bear is violent and vicious. but when hunters attack and kill the bears, they are praised and proud.

  2. I can’t wait for open hunting season to be declared on subhuman hunters. I’d sign up for every hunt & notch up my subhuman trophies.

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