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Shocking Video Shows What Eating Palm Oil Does To Animals Like This Sun Bear

When I first went vegan it was for my health. So technically I wasn’t vegan, I was just eating a plant based diet. The more I got into it and studied what is happening on factory farms, the more I embraced the animal rights aspect of veganism. And more recently I have been studying about Palm Oil and and what is happening in Borneo.

One example is the majestic and beautiful Sun Bear. You can see what a healthy Sun Bear should look like in the photo above this article. They are big, strong, beautifully colored animals. A mighty predator in their natural habitat and part of what makes the ecosystem work in places like the forests in Borneo. But deforestation for Palm Oil is wiping out entire generation of some animals like the Sun Bear.

On the next page, look at this shocking video of a Sun Bear taken by workers in the Palm Oil fields in Borneo. WARNING! It is shocking. It looks more like a sad, frail alien creature than it does a large beautiful Sun Bear. It’s frightening and heartbreaking and sad. After watching this video I’m sure you will either stop using Palm Oil completely, or only use it from sustainable sources.

Watch the shocking video on the next page.

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