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Shocking Video, Vegan Mom Arrested!

Some people are outraged that this woman was arrested for feeding her infant a soy based formula! But is that the entire story? I know the Vegan lifestyle is a healthy way to eat and live. It’s hard enough to get respect as a Vegan sometimes. And now Vegan are guilty of child neglect? I watched the story and realized there is a WHOLE LOT MORE to this story. Which outraged me as a Vegan even more! You watch it and please comment your thoughts? Am I the only one?

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Click Below To Watch The Video and see if you are as outraged as I am

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  1. There has got to be more to it than that short clip could tell us. I don’t know any mom in her right mind, vegan or otherwise, who would not do what was necessary to help their baby get well when they are sick. This mom seems to have taken vegan a little too far and I am a 20+ year vegan who raised 3 vegan kids!

  2. Unfortunately when people see this article all they see is “VEGAN”, when it’s more about negligence or ignorance. This situation could have been the same with any store bought “normal” formula (i.e. Enfamil, etc.). The bottom line the infant was not getting the proper caloric intake or liquid intake from the provided formula, yes the child was probably having bowel movements as well as wet diapers, but the child was losing weight – a sign that something is wrong. Her pediatrician told her that the child needed to be admitted to the hospital, which leads me to believe the child’s weight loss was substantial. Again unfortunately why this is such a headline is that this woman claims “veganism”. I am a pediatric nurse and mom of three vegan children (10, 6, and 2) she was endangering her child.

  3. It makes me upset that the term vegan was used in this article as a negative thing. I’m sure there are plenty of other cases of neglect with babies on regular formula. The issue was that the child was dehydrated, which could happen to anyone vegan or not. Blame the mother for being inadequate, not veganism entirely.

  4. There has to be more to this story then was said. The article was extremely short on details I was raised vegan because I am allergic to all animal products my daughter did not have any animal products until she had her measles shot she has since inherited my food allergies. That being said maybe the babe needed something that was not in the soy formula. Some people need more then what vegan can give them. This might be the case with this babe. More details would be good to have

  5. The bay was not sick. It was just losing weight. The did not need cow milk or milk with animal product in it. The dr should not have a say on what your baby drinks . Soy formula does not make a baby lose weight. There are other ways to get a baby to gain wright. This ladys rights were strickly violated.

  6. This isn’t really a story of her eating habits or beliefs. According to the arcticle on (not the real story, as not much actual detail is provided), this is a story of a woman that is neglecting her child. When it comes to the health of the child, the mother’s personal agenda should not interefere with the child’s safety. I mean, if the soy formula is sufficient, cool. But if it isn’t, is it really responsible parenting to let your child be malnourished because you have a thing against animal products? That is like refusing to feed your child anything but breastmilk, even when you discover your breastmilk supply is not sufficient enough. I don’t think starving your child is justified by any life principles one might have.

  7. There is a huge difference between living a vegan/natural lifestyle and being irresponsible. This article is linking alternative lifestyles and this lady’s poor decisions/lack of responsibility, when in fact, that is not the case. If she was truly about living naturally and avoiding animal based products, she would have a medical professional of some sort lined up to help her figure out how to care for her child safely in this manner. Any responsible parent would research her child’s doctor well before they are born. Living a natural lifestyle does not mean living one without any forethought. In fact, it might mean living a more conscious one, in which there would be many back up plans that do not involve sitting at home with a dehydrated baby.

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