Simple Hack Removes 99% Of Pesticide From Produce

How do you remove pesticides from produce? The truth is, even organic produce can contain harmful chemicals. And you can never remove 100% of pesticides and other chemicals from your fruit and vegetables. But with this simple hack you can remove up to 99% of it.

A note to remember her. This is from the outside only. There is nothing you can do to removed chemicals that have penetrated into the produce. Period.

Normally water is used to rinse away any of this pesticide residue. To do this, the faucet is turned on and the fruits, vegetables and other produce are placed beneath the running water. However, there are several products that claim that they have better capacity in removing the pesticide residue than water. Despite those claims, the scientific community and related organizations have debunked these products. Their cleansing capacity is no different than running water.

So what is the best Way To Remove Pesticide from fruit and vegetables?

Compared to buying these products there is a cheaper way to make your own fruit and vegetable wash that removes 99% of the pesticide residue. And it’s completely safe. How safe? You already eat this ingredient every day! Find out this really simple method to remove 99% of pesticide from produce.

According to researches, when a fruit is soaked in tap water it may be able to remove around 50% of the pesticide. But when soaked with acetic acid or plain white vinegar, as much as 100% of the pesticide is removed. However, there is also something that is much cheaper than vinegar: SALT WATER. With a 10% solution, 9 parts water and 1 part salt, it is as effective as vinegar.

The next time that you have fruits and vegetables, make sure to soak it in saltwater before cooking it. Dr Gregor from Nutrition Facts explains in the video below.

Who knew a salt water bath could remove so many harmful chemical from produce? A cheap efficient hack! Photo: Nick Klein

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  1. So this isn’t very scientific at all. “According to researches” Please. It’s articles like this this that give Vegans and thus while food movement a bad name and reduced credibility. This is not the first crappy article from you. I’m seriously about to “cancel” my subscription.

  2. Vegan Addict- I have never heard of a product who deeply would take all the bad side effects and all the pesticides from a veggie or fruit, if this product is so miraculous , please tell us how it does it, cause we need to know so, I wasn’t criticizing just for fun, you took that way I have no idea why, maybe you’re the troll, because you should be selling your product instead of attacking someone who liked your page. It is not clever, nor nice, nor intelligent, I have no idea if I am talking to a woman or a can’t use sir. Thank you. Just let us know please how it does, for sure because once inside the fruit I just cannot see how we can take it off with a superficial cleaner. And I am not apologizing for anything because my intention wasn’t offense, but starting an intelligent conversation here what didn’t happened. You must probably be a miss, because when people take things personally normally it is a case of females….lol, not a sir, right? what do you want? people to bow down to your comments? like Hitler? Good try.

  3. Just will add salt to your food, I prefer to use apple cider vinegar it’s just 1 tbsp for a few cups of water or buy organic because it’s more than just pesticides, it’s growth hormones to make them grow bigger and gmos and many fruits have pesticides that grow into the produce through the root like apples through the core. I doubt any of those pesticides are removed I’m sure it’s just the residue that gets removed

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