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Spicy Indian Tofu Pizza

If you are a person that loves and explosion of flavor, spices and a little heat in your food you will love this Spicy Indian Tofu Pizza! It’s based on the classic Indian Tandoori Chicken dish that is so popular is parts of South Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Veggieful is the creator of this incredible vegan pizza recipe. It features marinated Tandoori tofu, a vegan Tandoori yoghurt sauce and lots of veggies and flavors. In fact you could add on and customize this basic recipe and create your own personal masterpiece. Nice plump ripe tomatoes make a big difference though. When you make this incredible pizza make sure you don’t take a short cut on the tomatoes. And I find that fresh baby spinach is just perfect for part of the toppings. But you can experiment as much as you like to make it the perfect pizza for you.

You can get this easy vegan recipe from Veggieful by clicking here.

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