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Spicy Rice and Tofu Rolls

I saw this recipe several months ago but never tried it. The Spicy Rice and Tofu Rolls looked amazing but I just wasn’t sure the effort would be worth the reward. Boy was I wrong. I have tried a lot of new vegan recipes in the past few months and this one ranks near the top.

This recipe starts out with baked tofu seasoned with soy sauce and sriracha. I don’t know what you think, bit to me sriracha may be the worlds most perfect vegan food. Just learning that part of the recipe alone is worth the time. It goes so well with any vegetable dish or combination. Just the right texture and flavor to really jump start a meal.

Spicy rice and tofu rolls 1

When you add the crunchy flavors or cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, onions to the mix these veggie rolls really come alive. It’s another easy vegan recipe that over delivers on texture, taste and overall experience. And if you use the special tips on using the rice rolls you will have perfection every time.

Preparing the fresh ingredients is a snap. You will be able to handle that part of the recipe prep process with no problem. But if you are like me, then handle the rice rolls could be challenging. Make sure to try the simple tips included in this recipe for dealing with the rice rolls to make it easy, The end product is beautiful and delicious. Perfect for entertaining friends or eating them all yourself!

Spicy rice and tofu rolls 3

This amazing vegan recipe and the photos are courtesy of I Love Vegan . Click Here for the Spicy Rice and Tofu Rolls recipe  and enjoy!

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