Super Salad With Maple Roasted Tofu

Am I the only person that gets excited about salad and new salad recipes? I love it when I find gems like this salad with maple roasted tofu. Here is a salad full of vegan fuel and flavor! Perfect for lunch as a meal, or as a side salad to compliment a dinner feast.

I like salads that take on boring as well and this one does just that. Using spiralized versions of carrots and cucumbers ads some fun and visual texture to the salad. Who said salads must be boring to look at? The kid in me really loves spiralized anything.

salad with maple roasted tofu 2

The maple tofu is just seasoned perfectly and has that balance for the rest of the salad to make it complete. And of course with the tofu addition you not only get more flavor but you kick up the protein that really rounds this salad out and makes it a complete meal.

This salad may look adventurous and taste complex but I assure you it’s very simple to prepare. This salad creation comes from Janet at Taste Space and you can get it by clicking here.

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