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Sweet Potato Covered Mashed Potatoes

Why in the world would you make sweet potato covered mashed potatoes? I will admit that I was skeptical about covering mashed potatoes with sweet potatoes. It seems odd. Unnatural even. But what if I told you it is actually glorious. What if I told you it’s one of my new favorite recipes? Well it is!

If you think about it, it makes sense. Sweet potatoes have a sweet buttery flavor to them naturally. That is one of the reasons I love them so much. And what do most people like on their mashed potatoes? Butter! Unless you use a vegan butter (which is still not healthy by the way) then you can’t have potatoes covered in butter. But you can have this recipe. And you will be glad you did.

Put aside all of your doubts and click on over and get this easy vegan recipe for sweet potato covered mashed potatoes on the next page below.

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