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Test Your Vegan IQ With This Quick Quiz!

Last year we invited 1,000 vegans to take this quiz and 35% failed! How well do you compare to that group of vegans? There is only one way to find out. Relax for 2 minutes and take this vegan quiz.

We decided to invite fans of our page to take this quiz to see how well a new group of vegans would do. This vegan quiz has some basic questions about health, research, nutrition and food. You may be surprised at just how many of these you get wrong. Are you up for the challenge?

Good Luck!

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Thanks for taking the vegan quiz. Share it so your friends can see how well they do.

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  1. 70… But I’ve only been doing it for two months! I got silly stuff wrong too, not the stuff that counts.

  2. I tried to take it but got a popup that I won a gift card from walmart. Then I tried again and another popup said I won an iPhone. I really wanted to take the quiz. 🙁

  3. 8/10 – I learned peas have more protein than PB, and that tofu more calcium than broccoli – I just read broc was very high in protein. I got cholesterol right because I used my # – fyi – high cholesterol and diabetes run in my family, my levels are perfect! Dr said my numbers would make a 30 yr old envious 😉
    *Dislcaimer: I dont eat processed foods or refined sugar, I do eat raw, unfiltered honey so i’m plant-based, not vegan

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