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The Secret To Perfectly Grilled Tofu

Of all the things vegans cook, I get the most questions about tofu. It can seem so complicated to prepare if you do not know how. And I have learned that even experienced vegans still cook some pretty sub par tofu. Most vegans I meet think the secret is in a great marinade. And it’s true that this is important, but it’s certainly not the most important.

Nothing is better than grilled food and grilled tofu is no exception. You can make something so amazing that it completely stands on it’s own as the featured part of your entree. It’s so delicious that even non vegans will enjoy eating it.

But you must know the secrets to preparing perfectly grilled tofu. It’s not like this is something impossible to do, most people just have never been taught. I think every vegan on the planet would be happier if they knew how to make amazing tofu.

grilled tofu

Get ready to wow yourself and your friends with some amazing grilled tofu. Get ready to fire up the BBQ and learn these 5 easy steps to perfect grilled tofu.

I have learned that the very first mistake people make is getting the wrong kind of tofu and cutting it wrong. The first step to getting perfectly grilled tofu then would be learning how to cut it correctly!

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Then you need to learn the best way to dry it so you get the perfect texture when cooked. Many people totally mess this step up and it’s probably the most important. Once you get it dried the right way you get to flavor it up! The great thing about tofu is it takes on whatever flavors you want very easily. You need a great marinade for the perfect flavor and this one is amazing.

Finally is the grilling technique. There is a secret way to grill your tofu so it is the perfect combination of crisp and tender. You can learn every step to perfect tofu from Serious Eats by clicking here. It’s the best tofu tutorial we have ever seen for getting that perfect grilled tofu look and flavor. Click here to get started!

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