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Thin Mints: No Bake, 3 Ingredients, 15 Minutes!

Everyone is always asking me for easy vegan recipes. No matter how simple the recipes I always get a request to top the previous easy vegan recipe!

What if I told you that with only 3 ingredients and 15 minutes you could make a vegan version of…

Thin Mints

These addictive little treats will always remind me of my mom. She loved to get thin mints from the girl scouts. She would buy 10 boxes or more and freeze them. This meant that no matter what time of year you went to my mom’s house she would almost always have thin mints to eat. I like them. But my mom loved them. I’m not even sure there are words to describe how much my mom loves thin mints!

Now that my mother and I are vegan we don’t eat a lot of the things we used to eat. Thank goodness for easy vegan dessert recipes. This super simple recipe is a great example. No baking, only 3 ingredients, and just 15 minutes until you are enjoying thin mints. Learn how to make them on the next page!

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  1. Oreos are not vegan and even though you are scraping off the part that isn’t animal free you are still contributing to a company that is NOT vegan friendly.

  2. Never mind, it’s made with Oreos and chocolate chips… refined flour & sugar = junk food.

  3. Oreos aren’t exactly vegan. I’m Jewish and I keep kosher. As a Jew, we rely upon markings to let us know if a product is meat, dairy, or parve (neither meat nor dairy, but it could contain fish or eggs). Oreos are marked Kosher D – as in, Kosher Dairy. So even if there isn’t anything “in” Oreos that’s dairy, it’s processed on equipment that processes dairy. That’s too close for comfort for me.

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