Going Vegan? These Tips Will Make It Easy To Go Vegan

I was asked about going vegan occasionally before I started the Facebook page and website. But now I gets asked about it all of the time! Here are a few tips to help you go vegan.

When you first start to contemplate going Vegan it can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you haven’t put much thought or planning into it. If you think it through, follow a few simple tips, and make sure you are ready it will make your transition easy.

This will take all of the stress from changing diets out of the equation and allow you to really see how much better you feel. Below are a lot of tips that helped me when I first went vegan. Some of them I learned from various websites and others are things I learned from my own experience.

Simple Tips For Going Vegan

If you go vegan for ethical reasons it will be much easier. Knowing you are not only doing this for you and your health, but also to save the lives and prevent the pain and suffering of animals will sustain you. The number one thing that keeps people vegan is watching Earthlings.

Yes, Earthlings it’s hard to watch. Why? Because it’s horrible. All the more reason to stay vegan.

Rather than focus on cutting out non-vegan foods, focus on crowding them out. In other words, to make an easy and permanent transition to a vegan diet, the smartest thing to do is to be constantly discovering new foods. The more foods you try, the more foods you’ll like, and the more you’ll find yourself gravitating toward making more and more vegan choices.

Don’t worry if you aren’t perfect
Completely changing your diet and lifestyle isn’t easy. You will make mistakes. It took your entire life to learn how to live the way you live now. Don’t think you will suddenly be able to live a complete different vegan lifestyle perfectly in a week, month, or even a year. You will always be learning and getting better.

Don’t broadcast it to everyone
Trust me, you will be asked all kinds of questions when people know you are vegan. Everyone you know will suddenly be a nutrition and health expert. It can be overwhelming. Wait until you are comfortable with the lifestyle before you start sharing it. Save yourself some headaches.

Join Our Facebook Vegan Support Group
Have a ton of helpful vegan to lean on can make all the difference in the world. We have the nicest, most caring, helpful vegan group on Facebook. We would love for you to come join us by clicking here.

Going vegan is a great time to work on upgrading your cooking skills, since nothing is so reliably vegan as something you have personally cooked. If you’re just starting out with vegan cooking, it’s wise to start with a cookbook or two devoted to quick and easy recipes you can make every day, featuring ingredients that are easy to find. A few great choices are:

Find recipes to convert your favorite meals to vegan meals. Any meal you like now can be made vegan and it will taste just as good or better. You don’t have to give up any recipes just because you went vegan. Pizza, burgers, ice cream, can all be made vegan and delicious.

There are more awesome tips to help you go vegan and you can read them all here Source: Vegan.com Photo: Vegan.com

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