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This Deep Fried Big Mac Is The Most Disgusting Thing Ever

The things people put into their bodies is just amazing. I can’t even believe it sometimes. While I’m sitting here writing a grocery list for healthy snack to eat next week I see this story about a good blogger who took a McDonalds Big Mac Way over the line. As if eating the original burger with it’s meat, cheese and disgusting saturated fat wasn’t enough, this blogger decided to batter it and deep fry it. I can literally hear their arteries hardening from way over here. The sounds of sludge trying to make it’s way through their veins is deafening.

Maybe even more disturbing is what they say they want to do next. Deep fry a whopper, stacked on a double quarter pounder, stacked on a Wendy’s Baconator. Blech. How disgusting!


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