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Tomato Free Pasta Sauces

Last week I posted a recipe I was really excited about. Later that even I was reading comments and replying to people (which I love to do!) when I read a comment from someone allergic to tomatoes. I guess when you don’t have an allergy to something you just never consider that other people do

I love pasta! I love red sauces. There are so many great dishes I love that require a nice pasta sauce or marinara sauce. I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat them. I really think I would be devastated. One of the reasons I love vegan food so much is the wide variety of really delicious vegan recipes I get to eat! Hey, I love food!

Since I am always trying to come up with things that will make my readers lives better I began a journey to find some alternatives to tomato sauces for my allergic friends who visit my page and website. I was able to find three that look really good!

I found a nice tomato free, gluten free, sauce than can be used plain for a lot of recipes and spiced up to become a marinara sauce. I also found a great looking marinara sauce I am going to try myself. It looks amazing! And then I threw in a third recipe to try just so we have three options.

You can get all three of these recipes on the next page.

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