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Top 3 Vegan Myths About Nutrition

There are so many vegan ‘experts’ online today you have to double check everything you see. Especially about vegan nutrition.

I remember when I first started my life as a vegan I heard that vegans must take iron supplements or they could die. And this was from a so called vegan expert on YouTube. Of course most vegans don’t have any issues with iron. If you eat a whole food diet that is of a wide variety of foods you should be fine. But just like non-vegans, there are some that do need iron assistance. But not everyone.

Dr. Michael Greger is one of the most respected authorities on plant based diets and veganism. His site is a wealth of information on vegan nutrition and scientific studies. Recently he was asked what the top 3 vegan myths about nutrition were. His answers were entertaining and informative as always. I especially find #3 to be absolutely true and so many people ignore it. Get all 3 of his top vegan myths on the next page.

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