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Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Burrito

It’s hard to get a lot of nutrition for breakfast on the go. This vegan breakfast burrito is chock full of nutrition and energy. Grab it and go. Eat and enjoy. It’s the perfect solution for people who want a hearty breakfast in the palm of their hand.

For those of you who love a great vegan tofu scramble (recipe here), you will really love this recipe. It’s like eating that hearty and delicious tofu scramble using only your hands. No silverware required. You have to love portable vegan food that you can take with you anywhere.

vegan breakfast burrito

With lots of vegan goodness like tomatoes, kale and perfectly prepared tofu these breakfast burritos really hit the spot. Just a thin layer of avocado inside the burrito puts a great finishing touch on this easy vegan recipe. You get all kinds of protein and ingredients perfect for any vegan diet.

This is another great recipe from Veggie and the Beast Feast. Credit to them for it and the wonderful pictures. You can get this recipe on their site by clicking here.

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