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Ultimate Vegan Fried “Chicken”

I have many vegan friends who crave the texture and flavor of fried chicken. But they really want vegan fried chicken. Personally I don’t really crave most meats like chicken and others. I’d much rather have some delicious fresh vegetables.

I found this recipe and cooked it for a party I was having at my home. I knew there would be vegans and meat eaters there and this seemed like the perfect compromise. I need to warn you right now, this recipe makes fried ‘chicken’ so realistic it may actually bother some vegans. The secret is in the way the skin is duplicated.

fried chicken 04

The look, the texture and the taste is so spot on you would swear you were eating an authentic southern fried chicken recipe. You can take this and add some potato salad and coleslaw and be the MVP of any southern picnic. Get this incredibly realistic vegan fried chicken recipe and make everyone happy at dinner.

This recipe is so brilliant in it’s simplicity. You start with TVP or other mock meat.

fried chicken 01

Cover in the perfect vegan batter

fried chicken 02

Roll in these amazing seasonings

fried chicken 03

And fry them up to perfection! Complete ingredients ingredients and detailed instructions can be found on Elephantastic Vegan who created this recipe and these amazing photos. LEarn more and get the recipe for Vegan Fried Chicken by Clicking Here

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