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Ultimate Vegan Pot Pie

This recipe for a Vegan Pot Pie is so rich, hearty and comforting. Packed with root vegetables it will really fill you up. As my grandmother used to say “This will stick to your ribs.” I miss my grandmother. She made the best pot pie.

The pot pie actually originated in Greece. It is not originally a vegan dish. They would cook their meats and place them in home made pastry shells. But there wasn’t a top shell. The Romans added this sometime later and the “pot pie’ was born.

Ultimate Vegan Pot Pie recipe

The next best thing to grandma’s Pot Pie is this vegan pot pie recipe. It’s loaded up with some amazing delicious and filling vegan foods. You start with hearty root vegetables like Purple Potatoes, Carrots, Celery Root, Butternut Squash and more.

Of course there is much more to making a pot pie than just dicing up some root vegetables. You will find this recipe is seasoned to perfection with just the right amount of Italian seasonings, broth, and other taste pleasers. Wrap it in a warm comforting pie crust and you have a meal to remember!

The pot pie is often thought of as a meal for cold weather but I actually enjoy them year round. If you make this recipe large enough you can actually get two meals instead of one. And it taste just as great when you warm it up the next day as it does the day you cook it.

This awesome vegan pot pie recipe and photos are courtesy of veganosity. Get the recipe on their site by clicking here.

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