Ultimate Vegan Shepherd Pie

Do you ever find yourself craving something like Shepherds Pie? I know that I do. Looking for a really good vegan Shepherd Pie recipe wasn’t easy. I have tried a lot of them and then I found this one.

Have you ever heard about setting yourself up for failure? It happens in a lot of things including vegan food searches apparently. I was craving a Shepherds Pie but I wanted it to taste just right. I was not going to compromise. So I had high expectations.

shepherd pie

My aunt Jillian was an amazing woman. She wasn’t vegan but I grew up eating her food and I loved it. My favorite was her Shepherds Pie. Let me tell you, trying to find a vegan recipe that duplicated the taste of hers was impossible. But I didn’t give up.

I think we tried five or six vegan recipes for this and weren’t happy with any of them. Then I stumbled across this one and it was a hit. I’ll be honest, it’s not exactly like my Aunt Jillian’s Shepherd Pie recipe, but it’s so close I had seconds. I think you will love it too.

The vegan shepherd pie is rich in protein and serves up to eight persons. This is a perfect meal to be served during luncheons and other small gatherings with family and/or friends. Learn how to make this amazing vegan shepherd pie on the next page.

26 thoughts on “Ultimate Vegan Shepherd Pie”

  1. Phil Carey via Facebook

    I’ve made my own for a while too. For added goodness add just a little Daiya cheddar shreds just before finished to the top and bake it on for a few more mins. Yum.

  2. Jeanne Kali Jinn Eaville via Facebook

    I have my own version I’ve made for a couple years now.. It’s one of our family favorites.

  3. Nickie Taylor Ewing-Boddy via Facebook

    Perfecto! I just made a version my kids love using a pie shell…but this sounds like something I need to try.

  4. Sarah Burkey via Facebook

    Looks good! A suggestion – post a Pinterest link in every FB post like Vegan Richa does!

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