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Ultimate Vegan Tacos

Why do I post so many recipes like this vegan taco recipe? Even before I went vegan I loved Mexican dishes. Of course most Mexican food at restaurants has been highly Americanized and only resembles the authentic dish. These vegan tacos are based on one of those meals.

This taco recipe uses really fresh and healthy vegan food ingredients to make a really healthy version of tacos. Maybe the biggest departure is the substitution of the taco shell. You still get a nice crisp crunch but its fresh and refreshing.

vegan taco recipe

I think what makes this recipe for this popular meal so delicious is the creative blend of spices, generous cruciferous greens and the avocado. Who doesn’t love avocado! It is one of my favorite vegan foods. By getting creative with what would traditionally be the taco shell, you not only add more nutrition to the meal, you also add a nice fresh crispy crunch.

Get this amazing recipe for healthier vegan tacos on the next page below.

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