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USDA Clears Path For More Deadly Food!

Just when you thought the Food Supply couldn’t get any worse, the USDA clears the path for a new GMO apple.

The so called “Arctic Apple” could be in grocery stores as soon as a couple of years. The USDA gave it the seal of approval this week. This leads to the question “What great benefit will this Genetically modified apple bring to society?”

It doesn’t turn brown when you cut it.


You don’t think this GMO apple is potenitally deadly? Then read the 3 shocking things you MUST know before this so called “Food” hits stores. Get these disturbing facts on the next page!

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  1. Sounds like they will be labeled as Arctic apples when sold. Just don’t buy apples labled as Arctic.
    I not jumping up on this mass organic train because many USDA organic certified produce still have 40% of pesticide deemed “OK” to be used. So, why am I paying double, sometimes more than double the price for something that still is full of pesticides? Give me a break. Organic does not mean what you think it does any more. And please, someone reply with a “grow your own comment” because I have so much acreage in this Brooklyn apartment. And, for those saying to go to a farmers market, have you been to a Brooklyn farmers market lately? 90% are conventionally grown produce and the “organic” farmers don’t have straight answers for their farming practices.

  2. Personally I think they are already on the shelves. I’ve eaten and wondered why it didnt turn. I saw an apple on the sidewalk one day not brown at all! Who knows how.long that had been there. So to me they are just announcing it.

  3. GMO’s in and of themselves don’t seem like a bad thing to me. If we have the technology to genetically alter a plant that is hardier against pests and weather, produces more/better fruit, etc., as long as it’s not something like this “Arctic Apple” to where it’s dangerous for consumers, I really don’t see why we shouldn’t. It’s like controlling the process of evolution. But when genetically altered produce poses dangers to consumers, I think that’s where the line should be drawn. However, maybe I don’t know enough about GMO’s and I’m misunderstanding what they really are.

  4. Honestly, there is nothing in this post proving to me that they are dangerous. Just a quick question… Do you buy bananas? Whether organic or conventional, they have been genetically modified. The banana you see in stores are not how bananas originally evolved. Years ago scientists modified the original banana to be less fibrous so our human bodies can digest them. I can’t wait to try these new apples. The browning of apples causes a degradation of nutrients. Google it. The non browning apple will retain these nutrients and allow us to absorb them in digestion. Don’t believe everything you read from blogs that aren’t written by scientists. Do your research and see what science says. It’s gotten us this far…

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