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Using Human Urine as Fertilizer?

We all know that natural is better. Buying organic is a way of life for many of us. But is natural always better? How about using human pee as fertilizer? Are you for it or against it? Here are the details from Mother Nature Network:

NPR profiled the Rich Earth Institute and its pilot program with 170 volunteers who donate their urine, about a quart per volunteer each day. The urine is collected and given to a farmer who uses it to fertilize hayfields in place of synthetic fertilizers. Rich Earth is currently the only “legally authorized and publicly documented urine reuse project in the U.S.”Doctor
Is this “inherently local and renewable source of fertilizer,” as Rich Earth co-founder Abraham Noe-Hays calls it, safe? Yes, when it comes straight from the source. Human urine is sterile, and peeing directly onto a garden or compost pile ensures it’s sterile when it hits the soil. But, in a collection project like Rich Earth’s, there’s a risk of contamination in the urine-diverting toilets or waterless urinals that are used, so the institute is testing two different sanitation methods right now.
So far the results of the pilot program have been encouraging. The 2013 hay fields that used “pee-cycling” for fertilization had dramatically increased yields, and now there are other farmers in the region who are on a waiting list for pee.
Read more about this technique and the research behind it here

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