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Vegan 6 Ingredient Cookie Sandwich

Making a better health decision is not hard. This Vegan 6 Ingredient Cookie Sandwich is a perfect way to indulge in something sweet and healthy.

Now be bold and use your head and stop animal killing for food. Cookies are supposed to make you feel great and not guilty. This easy vegan recipe is what your heart really desires. If you keep thinking about health benefits, these cookies are actually great for your vegan diet.

vegan no bake raspberry cookie sandwich easy plant based healthy diet


When things go wrong, make a cookie. And what a lucky person you are for finding this perfect treat! No need to find another, this easy vegan recipe is made from gluten free oats, pitted and halved medjool dates, raspberries, coconut butter, oil and vanilla extract which are tasty and healthy.

If you want to know what this delicious vegan treat would feel like in your mouth, you can get the recipe for this Vegan 6 Ingredient Cookie Sandwich on the next page below.

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