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Vegan Greek Orange Chocolate Dessert Pots

The sun is blazing, nothing else matter than this easy vegan recipe. These Vegan Greek Orange Chocolate Dessert Pots may be small but it packs a punch. It’s a perfect marriage of juicy Greek oranges and cocoa chocolate.

Pots de Crème is a type of French dessert usually made with eggs, cream, milk and chocolate. If you had endeavored to make your own, but it never worked – too sweet, cruelty-filled, unhealthy, this plant based version is your rescue. It’s purer and more intense in flavor.

vegan 6 ingredient orange pots easy healthy diet

People may think that you’re crazy for recreating traditional recipe and turning it to something better. But wait until you finished this. For starters, you will need an orange, brown raw cane sugar, vanilla pod, water, dark cocoa chocolate and orange juice. Soon enough this will become your beloved possession.

Oh my goodness! This thing is incredible! It looks so alluring. Unified in one pot, this vegan food is terrific. At first it’s smooth runny state, but after cooling it will set. Overall it appears to be rich, creamy, very chocolaty and with prominent orange flavor. What a wonderful stumble, right?

how to make vegan 6 ingredient orange pots

Retire to the relative bliss of this vegan food. Abandon all the traditional hotshot treats. This thing is the most inventive food for miles. I’m telling you, everyone, all ages, will love it!

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Lazy Cat Kitchen. You can get this Vegan Greek Orange Chocolate Dessert Pots Recipe at the link below.


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