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Vegan All-chocolate Blackout Cake

This Vegan All-Chocolate Blackout Cake consists of three fudgy layers, each slathered with a rich and creamy chocolate pudding. I could eat this vegan cake without any of the frosting pudding. It’s three layers of yummy vegan chocolate.

There aren’t many things that come close to a vegan moist chocolate cake in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong. I love vegan brownies, vegan cupcakes, vegan chocolate pudding. But a big moist slice of chocolate cake really gets me going. I will usually only eat one piece and let everyone else devour the rest. But I savor that one piece like a treasure!how to make vegan all-chocolate blackout cakeThis is how cakes should be, it’s a show stopper. It has a tremendous amount of rich, fudgy, super decadent chocolate. This wonderful soft, moist, vegan food has a creamy pudding spread between the layers. It’s frosted with the same pudding and showered with thick chocolate cake crumbs on top and sides.

This easy vegan recipe is homier, easy and fun to assemble than you might think. The last time I made it I got my niece involved and we had a lot of fun together in the kitchen. It has an intensely chocolatey coat and evokes an image of indulgence. I like to show her that vegan dessert recipes are easy to make and delicious. You can never start teaching them too young!

Chef Fran Costigan created this vegan cake recipe and took the mouth watering photots. You can get this Vegan All-Chocolate Blackout Cake recipe by clicking here.

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