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Vegan Apple Ale Pie

We know you love vegan apple pie but have you ever tried apple ale pie? This Vegan Apple Ale pie is an amazing recipe that use beer to kick up the sweetness and flavor. Cooking with beer is cool, it’s fun, and it can make recipes really pop in a new way. It takes apple pie to a whole new level in this recipe.

It seems like a lot of people think when fall rolls around that pumpkin recipes are the only thing to get excited about. I would beg to disagree. I know pumpkins are a great vegan food but what about apples? It’s been proven that apples are a great part of a healthy vegan diet and they are oh so delicious. Yay for apples.


If you never considered using beer in something like an apple pie you should think again. This vegan apple pie recipes pairs the aromatic hoppy sweetness of a pale ale with apple pie for a finished product that is just incredible. The beer provides some flavor and sweetness but most of it cooks out. Don’t worry, you can let the kids have a slice.

As much as the pale ale contributes to this vegan apple pie recipe, the real secret hero to it’s amazing taste just may be something else. It’s the combination of a mind blowing almond paste cream and a nice crumble topping that you will want to pick off and eat by itself. All of it comes together in this easy vegan recipe for a bit of dessert perfection.

If you are tired of the same old standby recipes every holiday season then try this great recipe. These amazing photos and this genius vegan apple pie recipe are courtesy of Planticize. You can get the ingredients and recipe on the next page below.

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