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Vegan Ice Cream Cake Roll

Creamy, delicious ice cream wrapped in chocolate sponge is hard to resist. This Vegan Arctic Roll is wheat free, gluten free, and vegan-friendly! You have to love when a recipe combines two of your favorite guilty pleasures all in one. I mean, why have just one vegan dessert for dessert when you can have two?

You know that moment you feel like you have witnessed perfection? That’s the feeling I got when I found the recipe for this amazing vegan food. All of the sweet goodness of cake wrapped around delicious sweet creamy ice cream? And I haven’t even mentioned two more sweet surprises you’ll find in this recipe yet. It’s like a vegan dessert lovers to make vegan arctic rollI believe that fate has brought you here. And you’re meant to make this recipe. You have found vegan dessert nirvana.  This ice cream molded in a log shape is quite incredible and appetizing. The chocolate sponge cake with cherry jam spread inside it is where it all begins. But it just gets better and better from there.

You take that great sponge cake and wrap it around this incredible vegan ice cream for a beautiful arctic ice cream cake roll. And you think that would be enough. But there is more! All of it is topped with grated chocolate for an irresistibly sweet touch that makes it perfection. If you serve this beautiful vegan dessert recipe up at a party or event, get ready to be loved. You will be the hero of the day for sure.

Thank you is in order to Wallflower Girl for these photos and great vegan dessert recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Ice Cream Cake Roll by clicking here.

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