Vegan Asian Vegetable Soup With Kimchi

Here is a great recipe for cooking soup. This Vegan Vegetable Soup With Kimchi is healthy, comforting, and delicious! This quick and easy recipe is improved by adding crunchy, tangy vegan kimchi.

Asian inspired recipes are mostly full of spices and incredibly flavored. Adding a spicy, pungent Korean staple called Kimchi will add a distinctive funky kick, and can make the dish even better. Abstaining from animal foods and products is healthier and more beneficial. It is fortunate that there is a satisfying recipe that is clean, vegan friendly, and has the elements of spicy, slightly sweet, and flavor combination that will burst in your mouth.

So how is this delicious meal made? First, you’ll need vegetable broth, curry powder, soy sauce, shredded large carrots, sliced baby bok choy, white and green part of bunches scallions, extra firm tofu, thin brown rice noodles, and vegan kimchi. Then all you really need to do is combine all ingredients, cover slightly and simmer. It’s that simple. Rest assured you will gain loads of healthy and tasty alternatives. The result of less than 15 minutes of cooking is an amazingly easy, but delicious and tender vegetable mix with soft rice noodles.

how to make vegan asian vegetable soup with kimchiIt is a gorgeous soup that is warm and satisfying any time of year. You really could serve this as a standalone meal, or with your favorite vegan crackers or breadsticks. Try it as a weeknight dinner meal and satisfy everyone at the table.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of From A Chef’s Kitchen. You can get this Vegan Asian Vegetable Soup With Kimchi Recipe at the link below.

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