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Vegan Aubergine Pizza

Pizza lovers, get ready! This Vegan Aubergine Pizza has the crisp base and classic pizza crunch. It is an easy healthier pizza to satisfy your vegan pizza cravings. If you love finding new delicious vegan recipes to try like I do, you should definitely give this one a try.

What’s not to love about pizza? This easy vegan recipe is a great alternative to those who are looking for a meatless, cruelty-free, unique and delicious vegan food. It’s one of the healthier pizza options and definitely packed with minerals, dietary fiber, and potassium. There is no reason to feel deprived. Dig into this pizza and enjoy!

vegan aubergine pizza easy healthy plant based diet

The star of this vegan food is the sticky-sweet and melt-in-the-mouth eggplant that perfectly tops it’s crispy base. This plant based vegan recipe also uses the freshest ingredients like courgette, chestnut mushrooms, baby tomatoes, large handful basil leaves, dried oregano, garlic cloves and aubergine.

The goodness of eggplant is apparent in this recipe. It adds to the rich taste and authentic pizza texture. If you are like me and don’t want a heavy bread taste taking over the flavor of the toppings then you will love this thin crust. It’s perfectly light and crispy from the bottom up. But it’s not fragile. Feel free to load it up with as many healthy toppings as you want.

how to make vegan aubergine pizza

After discovering this great vegan recipe you will have one more reason to never buy one of those package vegan pizzas from the store every again. Once your taste buds have a hankering for pizza, go for this fresh and delicious homemade option. It is more flavorful and delivers a much healthier option for your body.

This vegan pizza recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Euphoric Vegan. You can get this Vegan Aubergine Pizza Recipe at the link below.


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