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Vegan Baked Spiced Cashew Cheese

Are you a fan of cheese but think being vegan makes it impossible to enjoy highly crafted and flavorful cheeses? This Vegan Baked Spiced Cashew Cheese is delicious, raw with spread-like consistency , and you can make it at home.

This masterpiece is bold and cheesy and goes great with a wide variety of vegan dishes. If you are used to weak, unimpressive vegan cheese options but wish you could find something more bold and authentic, then you will love this vegan cheese to make vegan baked spiced cashew cheeseMany vegans, especially new to the lifestyle worry about finding a cheese substitute. Vegan cheeses are available, and they are tasty! This recipe suggests a mix of savory and mild flavor. It’s definitely not your regular cheese. This genius recipe is divine. It looks soft inside and has hard texture outside.

The very important ingredient here is the raw cashews. Then some tamari, black pepper, Dijon mustard, and nutritional yeast complete its flavor. Its edges are firm and slightly darkened from baking. The paprika and some seasoning sprinkled on top added flavor, color and attractiveness. This cheese is so good it will open up mind about how good vegan cheese can be.

You can really make this delicious hunk of vegan cheese and keep it for several days. As a matter of fact you could even double the recipe to make sure you have delicious cheese on hand for days to come. Just make sure to store it correctly. And in the case of some of us who love to binge, control yourself. No over eating!

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of The Colorful Kitchen. You can get this Vegan Baked Spiced Cashew Cheese Recipe by clicking here.

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