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Vegan Banana and Date Granola Bars

Why would you want to make vegan granola bars at home? Fast and easy to make homemade snacks always win. This Vegan Banana and Date Granola Bars recipe is exactly something you want to eat. It’s energy-packed and perfect for a mid-morning craving.

If you have ever looked at the ingredients on most vegan snack bars, protein bars, or granola bars you learned real quick they usually aren’t the best. Any time you make a vegan food of any kind it needs to be preserved to stay on store shelves. So you get the preservatives and a lot of other unnecessary ingredients sometimes. That’s why you should make your vegan granola bars at to make vegan banana and date granola barThis granola bar is phenomenal. They are kid friendly, allergy free banana, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, and free from refined sugar. It is such a wholesome snack for everyone. The combination of banana and date not only provides the natural sweetness but also the sticky goodness to hold the bars together. Are you excited about this easy vegan recipe yet?

We aren’t done yet. Let me tell you more to get your mouth watering and imagination running. The melted chocolate chip drizzled all over these vegan energy bars is amazing. This recipe is perfect to bring for a picnic, road trip, or hiking. You can pack them as part of the kids lunch and they will also soothe the after-school hunger of kids in a nutritious and savory way.

A Saucy Kitchen is responsible for this great vegan recipe and photos. Get the recipe for this Vegan Banana and Date Granola Bars here.

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