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Vegan Banana Blueberry Loaf

Everyone is familiar with vegan bread and many of us have personal recipe that we are proud of. If you like banana bread and you’re vegan, this Vegan Banana Bread recipe is one to add to your list of favorites. It’s a twist on the traditional banana loaf with a sweet and healthy blueberry addition!

My grandma made banana bread better than anyone I knew. Of course many of you probably grew up loving your grandma’s banana bread and hers was the best to you. One thing we have in common is that our grandma’s banana bread recipe probably wasn’t a vegan food. It’s was yummy but not to make vegan banana blueberry loafEnter the age of the internet where you can learn not only how to eat healthy, but find amazing vegan recipes that are suitable for your new healthy vegan diet. If you have been missing a warm loaf of banana bread because you didn’t have a good vegan recipe, now is the time to get happy.

This vegan bread is a passionate thing. Just cutting into these beauties you know how good they are. The rolled oats, unsweetened coconut and fresh blueberries add such texture. Its thick slice seems to suggest that it’s full of flavor, fluffy, moist, and perfectly sweet. This is a great loaf for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. It looks phenomenal! It’s an easy top contender for the best thing you’ve ever baked.

You’ll be thrilled you came across these amazing photos and vegan bread recipe by Fairing Well. If you are ready to get some banana bread into your diet, wait no more. Try the recipe for this Vegan Banana Blueberry Loaf by clicking here.

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