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Vegan Banana Oat Bars

Why eat unhealthy treats 365 times a year when you could have a nice, wholesome snack. You’d never believe these Vegan Banana Oat Bars are soft, chewy, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and made without any butter oil! Most importantly these are great for your healthy diet.

Recipes that are quick and easy always make the perfect on-the-go food. For desserts, simple, short on time and delicious is a stunner. Oat bars are one of those. They are flavorful, handy and with the right combination of ingredients they can be healthy too. This plant based version is going to sneak a healthy dose of goodness in your body.

vegan strawberry bars easy healthy plant based diet

New flavor, huge amount of health benefits and quality outcome – these are the features that will ensure your palate and well-being is taken care of. When you combine frozen strawberries, chia seeds, rolled oats, mashed bananas, maple syrup and vanilla extract you will learn that these ingredients makes the best oat bars ever.

Uncomplicated instructions and aesthetic s texture made this plant based food worth trying.  You will love how creative these are! The bars are light golden brown and with exciting pink hue on top. They are so yummy and visually appealing. And the chia jam and banana oats combo? Yes, please!

how to make vegan strawberry bars

Trying to replicate traditional oat bars is not hard. This vegan recipe is so easy and yields 9 to 12 squares.  You will certainly make them again. They were really great in flavor and diet.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Running With Spoons. You can get this Vegan Banana Oat Bars Recipe by clicking here.

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