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Vegan Banana Pumpkin Breakfast Cakes

Is it vegan banana bread or is it a vegan cake? This vegan banana pumpkin breakfast cakes recipe is both all in one. It reminds me of way back when I used to be addicted to coffee cakes. The two aren’t really similar actually, except for how these could become my new go-to breakfast vegan food.

Not only are these things delicious, they are packed with a lot of healthy vegan foods. You get a rich, moist pumpkin based vegan cake that is naturally sweetened with banana and maple syrup. The incredible list of spices that are infused make your nose, taste buds and mind come alive with anticipation.

vegan banana pumpkin breakfast cakes 2

You could stop right there with this delicious vegan banana bread cake but there is more to make you smile. It’s all topped off with a granola based streusel  that is to die for. Just the right amount of bite, sweetness and crunch to make the whole thing perfect.

The Pancake Princess came up with this easy vegan breakfast recipe as well as the beautiful pics. You can get the recipe for this vegan breakfast cake by clicking here.

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