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Vegan Bananas Foster

Veganism and bananas have a great history. I’d like to add this Vegan Bananas Foster to that great history! If you love the sweet taste of banana desserts, this Vegan Bananas Foster is the vegan answer to what you have been craving. Just try not to veg out too much.

Back in the 1950’s  bananas foster was one of the most popular desserts there was. It was in nearly every home and adults and kids alike craved it. You don’t hear much about this delicious dessert and more. And there certainly aren’t many vegan versions of it out there making the to make vegan bananas foster

Just how rich and delicious is this vegan dessert? Melted coconut oil, almond milk creamer, brown sugar, orange juice, and Kaboom! The result is an incredible treat. It is crazy wonderful. It has a truly fantastic aroma and the caramelized bananas, vegan vanilla ice cream, and the caramel rum sauce will tempt you to take a big bite. Then there are the crushed pecans for garnish that just rounds out this delicious dish.

Now this is a dessert that is associated with Mardi Gras and exuberance. But you can really enjoy it anytime of year with parades or beads. How do I know this? Because I had it last night, on my couch, watching Netflix right by myself. I didn’t get the first bead necklace tossed at me.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Veganosity. You can get this Vegan Bananas Foster Recipe by clicking here.

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