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Vegan Basic Tofu Scramble

When someone asks me how they can have a vegan breakfast that mimics their traditional scrambled eggs, I send them here. Reignite your love affair with scrambled ‘eggs’ with this Vegan Basic Tofu Scramble. It’s an awesome meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner since it’s filling and packed with protein!

I have found that everyone has that thing they miss when they transition to a vegan diet. Vegan food is amazing and delicious but we develop taste over the course of our life and they can be hard to give up. For many people it is cheese and for others it is to make vegan basic tofu scrambleThe great thing about making this delicious tofu scramble is you get many of the same good nutritional components you find in eggs without any of the bad things. So it’s nutritionally better, it’s vegan so you can feel good about eating it, and it’s easy to make.

Pinches of turmeric, black pepper, dried thyme, jalapeno pepper, chopped scallions, and firm tofu are the components of this dish that makes it irresistible. Enjoy it with coffee, juice, toast or however you like your breakfast meal. You can even add some vegan cheese if you like that.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Lands And Flavors. You can get this Vegan Basic Tofu Scramble Recipe by clicking here.

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