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Vegan BBQ Pulled Portobello Sliders

If you don’t have a lot of time, decide what’s important to you: is stopping for fast-food the best option or is whipping an easy healthy meal sounds more appealing? These Vegan BBQ Pulled Portobello Sliders are something different. They are really cute and tasty!

Don’t box yourself in the idea that you can only have crammed-with-additives-food when you’re on a tight schedule. Take advantage of the ingredients in your pantry and create an awesome meal that is so easy.. This easy plant based food will keep you feeling fresh and never tire of your surroundings.

vegan portabella sliders easy healthy plant based diet

Have this vegan food on hand instead of junk foods. A perfect for cook out or pot luck, this plant based food is incredibly scrumptious. In order to eliminate all forms of animal abuse, this recipe combined wholesome alternatives such as natural sweetener, whole spelt flour, soy milk, ground flax, large Portobello mushrooms, raw cashew, yellow mustard and lemon.

It’s impressive that anyone can make this. The appearance is so inviting and looks so fulfilling. The cole slaw which includes thinly sliced green cabbage, diced pineapple, raw hemp seed, celery seed and mayo provided astonishing mix of flavor and texture. When you eat something like this it’s great knowing it’s 100% vegan.

how to make vegan portabella sliders

Create a wonderful meal without spending too much. If you’re fortunate enough to not suffer from wheat sensitivity, this food is really good and may be very healthful for you.

This vegan sandwich recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Helyn’s Plant Based Kitchen. You can get this Vegan BBQ Pulled Portobello Sliders Recipe by clicking here.

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